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Inforithm-Maze turns out web sites that would win any beauty contest with its talented graphic designers and HTML Specialists.











Just have look the designs of the following websites,

Gold Backed Travel and Tour

The official website of Gold Backed Travels & Tours that gives the full information about Myanmar Travel, Myanmar Travel Agent, Myanmar Travel Agency, Myanmar Tour Operator, Myanmar Last Minute, Myanmar Adventure, Myanmar Vacation Package, Myanmar Tour, or Myanmar Hotel and all about traveling in Myanmar.


Unitem Travel Myanmar

The website of the Uniteam Travel Myanmar which is an international team of innovative & highly motivated people who care about each individual customer.


Myanma Five Star Line

The official website of Myanma Five Star Line which is a fully state owned organization under the Ministry of Transport.

The National Flag Carrier was established in 1959 to cater for the carriage of Myanmar's exports and imports.


Mandalay Directory

The business directory websites that all businesses of Upper Myanmar are fully listed.


Sedona Hotel

The official website of the Sedona Hotel and the information about its services, accommodation rates for all classes of rooms, newsletters and other facilities are shown in the website.


Hotel TharabaR Gate

The website that describe the full information about accommodation rates, restaurant, hotel facilities, spa and message and other special services of Hotel Tharaba with colorful photo gallery.


Mahasi Sasana Yeiktha

This website provides the data of Mahasi Sasana Yeiktha.

The biography of Mahasi Sayadaw, discourses and theatises, forum, news and the list of the donors are also created in this website.


Diamond Dragon Travel and Tour

The official website of Diamond Dragon Travel and Tour with the detail information of traveling in Myanmar, tour program, hotel information and attractive photo gallery.


TRI Fashion

The latest fashion designs of ladies’ and men’s ware produced by TRI Fashion are collected in this website.



The largest Myanmar online library with a collection of Myanmar e-books for all fields.

Ancient Myanmar e-books and other historical books are uploaded in this site.


Amata Resort and Spa


The official website of Amata Resort and Spa, Myanmar's most exclusive international resort hotel, stretches along the beautiful shoreline of Ngapli, Myanmar’s premier beach.

Accommodations rates, superior restaurant and bar, the activities in Ngapli and other services are listed in this website.


Myanmar Timber Association

The official website of the Myanmar Timber Association that is currently handling the international and local forestry product.

The factories of the members and its operation, knowledge about wood gas and logs measuring system, international and local activities of the association and photo gallery of the association’s activities are shown in this website.


Jivitadana Hospital

This website is about the Jivitadana Hospital which is purposely built for the medical treatment of Sangas.

Hospital background, management committee, social services, donor information and contact information are described in this website.


DMA Myanmar

The official website of Department of Marine Administration which is one of the departments of Ministry of Transport in Myanmar.

The background history of DMA, seafarer information, maritime information and verification to certificates are described in this website.


Asia Plaza Hotel

This website gives the full information about Asia Plaza Hotel with its location, services, accommodation rates and other facilities.


Sakura Trade Center

Sakura Trade Centre has cultivated a corporate environment that reinforces and fosters four main attributes, Health care, Construction, Engineering and Trading.

In this website, all strategic business units of Sakura Trade Myanmar and their operation, business information are presented with photo gallery.


Bagan Ayer Hotel

The official website of the Bagan Ayeyar Resort located in the heart of Old Bagan, this sprawling resort sits on the banks of one of the world's legendary rivers, the Ayeyarwadii River.

Resort overviews, accommodation, recreation, reservation and other necessary information are listed in this website.


Yuzana Hotel

The website is about all of the hotels in Yangon run by Yuzana Company.

Yuzana Hotel, Yuzana Gardern Hotel and Yuzana Resort Hotels are presented in this website with the full information of location map, reservation, accommodation, restaurant, facilities and services and other information.


Myanmar Top Services

This website is about Myanmar Top Services Company worked with companies from Korean and Qatar.

The Company recruit a wide coverage of workers from the highest range to the lowest; includes; Technician, doctors, Engineers, Skillful, Labors, Semi-skillful Labors, General Workers etc.


Royal Marine Engineering and Trading Company

The official website of a Engineering service company whose mission is to be leading marine engineering company in Myanmar as well as in South East Asia.

The client resources and their services, engineering services and projects and trading information can be got from this website.



Official website of the Yangon Jingphaw Wunpawng and their worship services.


T & Y Enterprises

T&Y Enterprise is an Overseas Employment Service Agency, incorporated and registered under Department of Labor, Union of Myanmar.

The specialize in staffing & recruiting services for overseas employers to hire Myanmar professionals, agency services for local entrepreneurs, professionals and students who are interested in exciting career, business and educational opportunities abroad.



The website about Godzilla mosquito coil produced by Diesel King Co., Ltd, one of the leading anti mosquito product manufacturers in Myanmar.

The plant is well equipped with automatic machineries with highly qualified chemists. The manufacturing process is with modernized state-of -the art technology. It is also equipped with modern facilities for the general workers.



The official website of Serge Pun and Associate (Myanmar) Limited which is performing as an investment holding and operating company pursuing eight spheres of businesses.

Over the past fifteen years, SPA has had dynamic growth and an impressive track record of successful businesses in Myanmar. Currently, there are 40 operating companies within the Group, which includes the group's flagship – FIRST MYANMAR INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED (FMI), a Myanmar Public Company and YOMA STRATEGIC INVESTMENTS LIMITED (YSIL), a Singapore Public Company.



The official website of Department of Meteorology and Hydrology under Ministry of Transport.

Daily weather forecast, monthly weather forecast, flood warning, storm impact, earthquake news and strong wind warning can be read in this website.



Myanmar Trade Net

The website that present the commercial news around Myanmar. News concerning with trade, trading network, the products to sold and other commercial advertising are described in this website.


Myawady Trade

The commercial website of Myawady Trading company with its profile, business operations and their facilities.

Myawaddy Trading Limited offers its customers a full array of goods such as agricultural produce, steel products, tobacco products, brewery products, timber products (rubber wood), vehicles and general merchandize division, and services through its affiliates, associates and mother company’s subsidiaries and affiliates.


Fascinating Myanmar


The informative website all about Myanmar. Useful information about Myanmar, traveling in Myanmar, Myanmar visa, Myanmar culture, hotels in Myanmar, entertainment in Myanmar and other necessary information can be read in this website.


Myanmar Tradenet Website

The official website of the Ministry of Commerce
Online application is accepted if you want to be a member of Myanmar Tradenet.

Members can read the news of internal trade, domestic trade, border trade and exhibition.



Ministry of Transport

The official website which represents the 12 Departments of Ministry of Transport.

The history of Ministry of Transport and its 12 Departments, Organization Structure, their Services and Functions, Policies of the respective Departments are fully mentioned.


Myanmar Brewery Co., Ltd

This website is about Myanmar Brewery Co., Ltd that produces and distributes Myanmar Beer, ABC, Tiger and Anchor.
The activities of the company, the outlets of the company, international awards and their export products to other countries can be known through this website.

The contact detail directly to Myanmar Brewery Co., Ltd is also being described.



Emerald Fashion Website

The latest fashion designs with good quality produced by Emerald Fashion are uploaded in this website.

This website also gives the services of Emerald Spa & Beauty rather than the innovative and creative fashion design.




The social website that acts as a linker between the blood donors and the person who need blood.

It also describes the collective information about blood and other social organizations of blood donors in Myanmar.



Myawaddy Trading Limited

This websites gives the information of export/import products handled by Myawaddy Trading Limited, local production and other services.

The buying process can be done via online for the agricultural products like pea, maize, sesame etc and fishing products like fish, prawn, etc.



Sinyaw Mg Mg Website

The website is about the popular director – Academy Sinyaw Mg Mg and his world famous movies, videos, photos and advertisements he created and his production process.


Vitaco Website

This website is about skin care products, make-up, cologne, powder and soaps produced with the brand name “Vitaco” by Silk Road Myanmar Co., Ltd.


Super Soe Co., Ltd.

This website presents its export agricultural products with special features like news, photos and other necessary texts.

The company has now got special opportunities to do business with international dealers from various countries.


Phyuu Sayadaw Website

The brief biography of Phyuu Sayadaw, Social Activities, International and Local Propagation of Sasana, the Sermons and future plan for Religious Affairs are fully described in this website.



Myittawadi Parahita Monastery

The brief history of the Myittawadi Sayadaw, Youth House, Meditation Practice and process and future plans are described so that the Sangas, lay men and lay women from all parts of the country can attain Buddha Dhama through the website.

Maha Thamaya Sermon preached by Sayadaw is also uploaded in movie file.



Dental Clinic

Effective information system, one can enable to access this system via online to Bo Aung Kyaw Port of Myanmar Port Authority, no matter where you are.

The system provides the major tasks concerning allocation of the Containers in respective Yard, its planning process in computer format, Proper Recording Data of Containers, Carried Goods, Companies’ Info, Searching Functions, Proper ways to clear the container, and proper recording the in-out time of the vessels.


Earth Trading

The informative website that describes the detail information of the 6 SBUs of Earth Company.

It also gives the data about the operation of each SBU, the goods produced, the leaders of the businesses and the contact info of addresses, phone numbers, etc…


Woodland Travels

The official website of the Woodland Travels that gives the special services of Eco Tourism.

The company information of Woodland Travel, its special packages, online reservation and other interesting destinations are fully collected in this website.



Woodland Resorts

The detail information of Popa Mountain Resort and Kandawgyi Hill Resort developed by Woodland Company, other services and facilities, contact addresses and phone numbers are presented in this website.


Imperial Amazing Green Travels.

The official website of the Imperial Amazing Green Travels that presents about the beautiful landscape of Myanmar so that international tourists can easily explore and experience about Myanmar.


SCCD Hotel School

This is the official website of SCCD Hotel School.

The Board Admin of the School and the biography of the members of Board Admin, the information of the school and timetable of the classes, newsletter, the profile of the outstanding students and learning curves are fully presented with the illustration and texts in this website.


International Happy Journey Travels


This is the official website of the International Happy Journey Travels which has much experience in travel and tourism field.

The information about Myanmar travels and tourism business, tour packages, hotels and transportation routes are fully collected in this website.


Kowa Machinery


This website gives the information about the Heavy Equipment and Machinery made in Japan, the prices to be hired and the operation procedures are listed.