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Web-Based Application

Inforithm-Maze combines a healthy dose of aesthetically pleasing graphic design with innovative programming to turn out right application for your business.










Seafarer Data Verification System


In a mouse click, one can able to see the data and information of the seafarers who suits the international organizations needs.

A great chance to get associated with Myanmar Seamen
This is one of the advance units to implement G2B & G2G projects of Department of Marines Administration, Ministry of Transport.



Container Yard Management System


Effective information system, one can enable to access this system via online to Bo Aung Kyaw Port of Myanmar Port Authority, no matter where you are.

The system provides the major tasks concerning allocation of the Containers in respective Yard, its planning process in computer format, Proper Recording Data of Containers, Carried Goods, Companies’ Info, Searching Functions, Proper ways to clear the container, and proper recording the in-out time of the vessels.


Web-based Teaching System

First and foremost Online Education System implemented by Department of Computer Science (Yangon University), Ministry of Education.

Firstly stated with Master Degree in 2003 and extended to Post Graduate Diploma in 2005.

The students can learn the required lessons and also can post the assignments directly via online system.

Through the e-Learning System, there are … Degree Holders currently.



Myanmar Overseas Seafarers Associations

This software is created for the oversea seafarers enable to know about the Association, their Activities, the status of current Members, their Daily Work and Organization Structure, future plan, missions of Association, logo of the Association and the meaning of that logo.

Members can enjoy Intranet Mail System that is only integrated in this software so that they can contact their family members and friends all the way.Container Booking System
An ideal sample of G2B business implemented by Myanma Five Star Line, Ministry of Transport.

This website presents the daily updated information of sailing schedule, vessels current position, and members can make business using container booking system directly via online for their satisfied voyage.



Crew Management System


This e-Government project is developed based on their current manual system.

An implementation process of DMA e-Government projects, which transformed from current paper documentations to highly advanced Computerized Web Based System.

The system records the detail information of the Crew and Vessels, its Ownership, the change detail record of the Crew and Vessel, and it produced various reports.

For the business associates, this is one upgraded facility that can attain the benefits of smooth communication



Import / Export Licensing and Permit System


This system enables to apply Import/Export license and permit from Ministry of Commerce via online.

Through the integrated system, both licensee and department apply and issue the licenses from Yangon and Naypyidaw anywhere.

To issue a license, checking every step by respective departments till submitting to EICC, EISC and TC meeting will be done through the system.



Trade Council Online

  The system enable to submit the permitted licenses to Trade Council.




The system automatically deducts the license fees from the deposit money rendered by the companies.

The system generates several reports.



Border Trade Online System


The software that helps to do with computer online system in respective departments for all the functions concerning with giving export/import licenses in all camps of Border Trade.

The co-operate departments that can use this integrated system are Department of Border Trade, Custom Department, Internal Revenue Department and Myanmar Commercial Bank.



Document Exchange Management System


The advance system that can be used with ICT technologies without affecting the current form of reports, office letters and instruction applied in the departments.

Hierarchal management, giving the instruction, saving the important accounts and records can be done at one sitting.



Employee-bio Data Information System


The system that can save the bio and information of employees and manage that employees’ data.

The history of each employee concerning with promotion, salary increment, destination and department transfer, carrot-and-stick record, educational qualifications can be recorded and searching other necessary data can be done at any time with this system.



Price Database


The system that save and describe the prices of the export/import products handling by Directorate of Trade, Ministry of Commerce.

Reports of the prices of export/import products can be seen according to H.S Code, regional camp, currency, and country of origin.



Budget Control System


This Web Based Software System is created to be able to run via online for the systems currently using in Account Department, Ministry of Defense.

The system covers all functions of doing the expenditures of Ministry of Defense, income and expense summery account of Defense Service and Account Department, detail revenue accounts, normal petty cash account and detail accounts of mass expenditure.

It includes the functions as deciding budget for the respective Classification Head, paying cheques through daily payment sheet using respective Classification Head, re-payment of surplus amount by TE, transferring the payment within Classification Head by Nya/TE and listing the petty cash from the expenditure of army by Abstract.Online Shopping System
The online shopping system that can do buying and selling in the internet.

As the size and shape of the products are created like its original and so buyer and sellers can deal directly on the line.